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Flowering vegetables

Leek flowers

This is one of summer’s prettiest sights. And yet it’s just a boring old leek.

Quite a lot of vegetables have lovely flowers. Potatoes, for example, can be gorgeous on a bright summer day. French beans have tiny, perfect little flowers.

Got  a bit burned at the allotment today. Looks like summer may finally be here. Er, at last.

Posted on 21st July 2008
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Ghastly weeding

Posted on 20th July 2008
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Garlic gloom

Garlic drying

Not bad, all things considered. This garlic could have been crap – it got rust, as usual.

But somehow, it’s done OK. Perhaps because I planted it in February. Anybody else done better than usual with rust? Or worse?

Posted on 6th July 2008
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