Shamed into seed saving

Leek flower dried for seed saving

OK, I get the message: Save seed to save agriculture for post-oil humanity.

Attended the Food Bloggers Get Together in Oxford organised by Patrick and Steph yesterday (read Emma’s typically excellent account of the day).

Wonderful to meet all you fellow bloggers, although shaming to discover that my sporadic and dilatory seed-saving isn’t good enough. In a fit of guilt, I rushed out today to harvest these leek seeds. Ben at Real Seeds: I promise to do better in future.

Wish I’d had time to talk to everyone. Perhaps next year??

6 Responses to “Shamed into seed saving”

  1. Rebsie Fairholm Says:

    Nice to partially meet you yesterday … or at least to see you from the other side of the path. It would be good to make it an annual event.

  2. VP Says:

    I think you’re doing a lot better than I am at this seed saving game!

    Lovely to meet you and shame you had to leave so early.

    Good to rediscover your blog too – I particularly liked your ‘deadman amongst the spuds shot’!

  3. Emma Says:


  4. Simon Kirby Says:

    Hi, it was good to meet you Saturday. Sorry you had to dash, I’d have like to have chatted more. Like VP, I’m pleased to have rediscovered your blog. You’re up on me, I don’t think I’ll be saving any seed this year, but I think I’m sold on the idea now.


  5. Patrick Says:

    It was great to meet you, and a shame we didn’t have more time to chat.

    Good luck with the seed saving, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  6. Ottawa Gardener Says:

    I hear ya. I save seed and give it away locally but have only recently t hought that perhaps I should offer it up more broadly. Great to meet your blog by the way.