Rose-tinted hindsight

Pink rose

No good reason for this photo. I took it at Wisley RHS garden in June, and recently came across it. Made me wistful for better days.

Days until Spring: 133

Days until Summer: Er, a hell of a lot more.


2 Responses to “Rose-tinted hindsight”

  1. irena Says:

    hang tough soilman. the next few dark, dreary months can really be depressing. I find myself looking through all my summer garden photos over and over again and reading every garden book I can find to get by. I can take the winter cold but I can’t take the grey! I’m counting down with you to better days.

  2. Daphne Says:

    I know how you feel. My fall garden is still going on, but it just doesn’t have the excitement of the spring garden. It is rainy and cold. In the spring it will be the same temperature, but I’ll think it is warm then.