Nibbled by night

Carrot eaten by something small and nasty

Wretched nibblers. They’ve moved from the decimated beetroot to the carrots.

Rats and/or mice are still the main suspects. Rabbits would have eaten the greenery, too.

It’s all very tiresome. My allotment isn’t meant to be a rodent welfare/drop-in centre. It never has been before. Whence this vexing rodent glut?

6 Responses to “Nibbled by night”

  1. sljh Says:

    Fussy little blighters aren’t they, ate all around and left the core of that carrot… darned rats burrowed their way into my greenhouse earlier this year and devoured a whole pile of chitting potatoes, all that was left was a pile of snipped skins where they had “peeled” them before eating the centres alone.

  2. Soilman Says:

    Utter bastards. Ruthless, merciless, rapacious. Rats are allotment terminators.

  3. Monker Says:

    It was a real delight to find this blog, I only wish my website was so well laid out. As an organic gardener my aim is to live in harmony with nature. I am not sure how the rats you describe fit in with growing vegetables, could you get some cats to eat the rats ? or is this unrealistic ?


    November in the Allotment

  4. Soilman Says:

    Never a cat when you want one, Monker. Or if there ARE any cats round our way, they’re clearly terrified of the rats…

  5. Mike Says:

    I strongly recommend the African Rat Trap as the most effective measure. Assuming it’s legal where you are…

  6. Soilman Says:

    that sounds like a brilliant idea, Mike. I’ll give it a go and report back.