Parky in the park

Frosty morning in Bushey Park

The recent frosty mornings have been so beautiful.

I’m lucky enough to drive through Bushey Park in south west London on my journey to work. So I see deer every day. When it’s frosty, the statue in this circular lake is swathed in steamy clouds of blue-grey water vapour.

Wish I could take better photographs.

2 Responses to “Parky in the park”

  1. Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding Says:


    I’m lucky enough to live minutes from Woburn, and Woburn Abbey’s parkland which is home to several herds of deer. We regularly drive through and since I can remember, it’s been a joy to see the deer up close. Chinese water deer, pere davids, roe…so many different types. I wind down the window and say hello, whilst they look on as if to say “err…….”.

  2. Matron Says:

    That is an atmospheric photo! I wish I could take photos on the way to and from work! Stay warm!