Soilman, Techno-wuss

Working with animationApologies for failure to post regularly of late. Have been frustrating myself by making things like this (which will display wrongly in Firefox – a bug that’s also frustrating the hell out of me).

I’m trying to learn a new video animation programme, and it’s not easy. Pretty much nothing to do with video is.

Still, that’s the challenge I suppose. What drives you especially mad about being an amateur webmaster?

One Response to “Soilman, Techno-wuss”

  1. Cat Says:

    What drives me mad is that I am sh*t at this blogging thing – uploading stuff, .jpegs, pages, its never in easy lingo that I understand!! I read patricks blog about google and PR’s and wowzer…steam was coming out of my ears….frazzled mi’ brain! Its like a mobile phone – I want it to ring, text and take pics. My blog – I want it to write and upload pics. Simple. Or, I should get with it…..Cat x