Reclaiming the plot

Overgrown plot

Responding to Pumpkin Soup’s invitation to ‘fess up, here is my own embarrassing little secret: The horribly overgrown rear of my allotment.

Shamefully, this is the same area I cleared of weeds back in July. I got lazy and it went native… again. Only this time, the brambles got involved as well as the couch grass.

Result: Pure hell. Spent yesterday clearing it and am now scratched to hell by thorns.

What a misery this ‘summer’ has been.

4 Responses to “Reclaiming the plot”

  1. Lucy Corrander Says:

    Your bad news seems very much outdones by the good. Your weeds are rampant – but your carrots are huge. Your gerkin crop is small but you’ve been to Russia and back.

    Sounds good.

    Lucy Corrander


  2. Berthddusuit Says:

    That looks remarkable like my back garden!! Any nice plants I had growing there have disappeared beneath nettles, grass and God knows what else. And I don’t have any amazing carrots!

  3. Lottie Wannabe Says:

    I’m exhausted just looking at that. I spend half the year wishing I had an allotment and the other half glad that I haven’t!

  4. Clare Says:

    Very reassuring. The allotments near me are all absolutely pristine. I think weeds just don’t dare make an appearance or they get told off. It’s all a bit posh. Nature running wild – that’s so much more normal, don’t you think?