Summer leftovers

Summer squashes

Hmm. Don’t know what to do with these.

They emerged from the weedy patch I was clearing today. Old and past it, and no good for eating. But it seems so wrong to chuck ’em on the compost.

Any ideas… that don’t involve eating them??

5 Responses to “Summer leftovers”

  1. Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding Says:

    Organic frisbees

  2. Rachael Says:

    Can they be dried and made into decorative mushrooms?

  3. welsh girls allotment Says:

    I was going to suggest drying them as kitchen decorations !!!

  4. Cat Says:

    These gourds are all the rage for drying out and using as decoration – bit girly I know, but what else can you do with them…!?

  5. Soilman Says:

    Thanks for amusing suggestions, folks. I like the frisbee idea, but I fear they may be a tad heavy…