Feeble hopes

Freshly dug earth on the allotmentIt’s almost looking shipshape now. Give me a few fine days over Christmas and I’ll be fully set for 2009.

I have a feeling the new year will be a good one. For gardening, if not for economics. We’ve had two stinkers in succession in the UK, so we must be about due a good summer. Surely?

8 Responses to “Feeble hopes”

  1. magic cochin Says:

    That looks so good Soilman! Happy Christmas and here’s to a great growing season in 2009!


  2. Clare Says:

    I’m right with you there – we definitely should be on track for a corking year. A summer of hot, sunny days, light showers at night, minimal slugs. Heaven. Still, if I were the gambling kind I think I wouldn’t bet on it!

  3. Soilman Says:

    Happy Christmas (if possible) to you both. And thanks for stopping by.
    Clare: Nice to see you! Have missed updates on your blog. Is all well?

  4. Eliane Says:

    Very impressed by all the work you’ve been putting in. I haven’t managed to do anything and the garden’s only outside the back door. Really really hope next year is better. This winter is certainly colder (and no, not just because the heating is still mostly not on!) which must be the sign of something, surely. Anyway happy Christmas to you.

  5. Kathy Says:

    Looks great!

  6. Matron Says:

    There is nothing like a good old mid-Winter digging session when the sun finally does show its face! Looking good, soilman – perhaps that blew out a few cobwebs?

  7. Clare Says:

    Hi Again! Yes, all is well. I tend to peter out at this time of year, blogwise though this is my worst ever year for doing so, probably because I’ve had too much work on (putting it mildly!). Will be back in business soon.

  8. VP Says:

    I’ve ordered cool climate friendly courgette and tomato seeds, so next summer’s bound to be a scorcher.

    Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Looking forward to more cheer from you in 2009 😉