Plot in progress

Work in progress on the allotment

Finally got out on the allotment today. So at last I have something to blog about.

I aim to have all the manuring, clearing and digging finished by Christmas. That’s what a target is for; you know you’ll miss it, but it helps you point in the right direction.

So I’ll probably be roughly on schedule next season. In other words, doing the last frantic digging in early March.

3 Responses to “Plot in progress”

  1. Caz Says:

    any sign of new allotmenteers yet?

  2. Soilman Says:

    Sort of; two rough plots have been marked out with bamboo and stakes at the back… although nobody’s started digging yet.

    I fear we will have a load of fair weather allotmenteers, who’ll all turn up and start gardening in late April – by which time, the evil brambles will be making an irresistible comeback.

  3. Matron Says:

    What a cheery blog! What a difference a day’s sunlight makes, blow out a few cobwebs down on the allotment and feel great.