Garlic rust: the early symptoms…

Onions and garlic

Onions have done well. This warm weather we’ve been having is making them grow super fast.

Unfortunately, the garlic (very kindly donated by Patrick at Bifurcated Carrots)  is showing early signs of garlic rust. See the yellowing leaf tips of the plants (on the right). Patrick’s a mine of information about rust, but he too says he’s seeing warning signs of the disease.

Can’t say it’s any great surprise – I get rust every year – but I never get used to the disappointment. Just once I’d love to raise a pure, clean crop of fat garlic bulbs untainted (and unstunted) by rust.


10 Responses to “Garlic rust: the early symptoms…”

  1. Patrick Says:

    It doesn’t look too bad yet!

    When it looks like the bottom two pictures on this post, you know it’s about to get really bad:

    Actually, your garlic is looking pretty good! Some of my varieties are starting to brown on the ends too, just the time of year I guess. I don’t think I have rust quite yet, but I’m watching carefully.

    I’ll be checking back soon to see how you’re getting on…

  2. Liz Says:

    If it’s any consolation I have had rust on my garlic every single year as well! No sign of it yet this time but I’m not holding my breath!

  3. altadenahiker Says:

    I have lots of garlic in the garden. Huge bulbs of garlic. So much, I expect to be sick of it by mid-summer. Heigh ho.

  4. Soilman Says:

    Touché, AH.

  5. RobertB Says:

    Don’t worry about a bit of rust. Two years ago I had so much on my maincrop garlic that the topgrowth all died. The crop was a bit smaller than normal, but OK, and this the following year there was no problem at all.

  6. Soilman Says:

    I find that the rust seriously affects bulb size, Robert. Yes, I get a crop… but it’s fairly shit.

  7. Patrick Says:

    How’s your garlic doing? Rust just showed up on mine a few days ago.

  8. Soilman Says:

    Yep, my rust coming along nicely. Spreading horribly fast…

  9. yvonne Says:

    This is my second year of growing garlic. My first lot which I planted in November was great. However, that which I planted in january has developed rust. My question is should I lift this garlic now.

  10. Soilman Says:

    That’s the $1m dollar question, Yvonne!!

    If it’s absolutely covered in rust, top to toe, there’s not much point leaving it. It won’t grow any further. But if there’s still some green on it, leave it a bit more. Perhaps another fortnight.

    But don’t hold your breath: Badly rusted garlic yields pretty small bulbs…