Leeks 2009: Can’t be worse than last year…

Leeks planted outHot today. First time I’ve been able to type that this year.

Things are coming very early because of the decent weather. The corn is chest high, my first and second early potatoes are all ready – gone over, actually – and there are cauliflowers splurging heads all over the place. Extraordinary.

I hope these leeks will do better than last year’s crop, which was shit. It rained so much the wretched things never really got started. If the sun keeps shining, these will be whoppers.

The weeds are turbo-charged at the moment. I was weeding for 90 mins this morning and achieved two tenths of bugger-all. Turn your back and they grow six inches in 10 mins.

8 Responses to “Leeks 2009: Can’t be worse than last year…”

  1. pickle Says:

    Chest high sweetcorn – I’m very jealous. Mine is barely knee high. When did you plant it out?

  2. Soilman Says:

    Hi Pickle

    Well, I sowed them under glass in April and planted out under plastic in mid May. So I did give them a head start, but the weather’s been absolutely perfect for corn.

  3. Matron Says:

    Grrr those weeds! I just give up and pretend that they are a green mulch!

  4. Amy Says:

    Suffering from corn envy over here…

  5. Jo Says:

    You leeks are looking good. I haven’t planted mine out yet.

  6. VP Says:

    I think grass (that’s grass, not canabis, Soilman) is set to be the next allotment must-have accesory. Every plot should have some, especially in the strawberry bed. There’s no need to put straw under your fruit if you have grass like I have up t’plot. And couch grass roots are ideal for stabbing slugs to death 😉

  7. Soilman Says:

    The woman who had my plot before me was big on growing grass and weed. They chucked her off when they found out.

  8. Sandy Says:


    I don’t know if you grew any garlic this year but the garlic in my English garlic has not been doing well this year.
    I was just wondering if you had experienced the same.
    Thank you! Sandy
    NB: My leek is ok though.