The eat-free diet

Leeks, parsnips and Jerusalem artichokesOn the menu tonight:

• Parsnip, onion, porcini and Jerusalem artichoke soup (tastes a lot better than it sounds)
• Ham, potato and leek casserole

Bit of a calorie nightmare, but probably just about within the bounds of my new diet. I’m now into the action phase of my face-facts-you’re-fat campaign.

Somehow, I have to lose half a stone.

3 Responses to “The eat-free diet”

  1. Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding Says:

    Half a stone. HALF A STONE. Is that *All*? You could do that in 2 weeks! Drink more water, walk a bit and watch your portion sizes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    Oh, incidentally, I’ve read a lot of articles about the wonder that is dark (79-85% at cocoa at least) chocolate. Good for your brain, heart, mood, concentration, energy etc etc etc. And they say you can eat between 20-150g of the stuff on a daily basis. New Chocolate Diet for me it is…

  2. Soilman Says:

    The dark chocolate sounds like a great plan, Lucy. I’ll get cracking immediately.

    But I fear it won’t be as easy as you say. It can’t be that easy… can it??

  3. Grace Says:


    the chocolate idea sounds too good to be true….. thats because it is.
    high cocoa is almost like a form of laxatives it really will make you go to the loo… alot.

    or so my dad and sister found out haha.

    i dont know if its as bad as it sounds and i certainly hope its good for teh heart and brain that would be a miricle! haha i could do with as much as i can get. pity i dont liek dark chocolate eh?

    but yeah im not 100% but thought id just let you know incase im right, becuase if i am it can cause some health problems.

    good luck with the diet mayte.

    G x