Fresh asparagus tips

Asparagus tips

The countdown’s begun. Just a few days now –  a week at most.

The asparagus kettle has been dug out and dusted down. The free range eggs have been assembled for the hollandaise sauce. Air freshener has been bought for the khazi.

Only time stands in the way of the year’s first asparagus pig-out.

7 Responses to “Fresh asparagus tips”

  1. Ryan Says:


    I think i’ll be waiting another year for mine!



  2. Amanda Says:

    Ooh, that’s exciting! Mine aren’t up yet and I’m hoping that it’s just down to the colder climate, not that they’ve drowned over the winter. Not that I’m allowed to cut any if they do come up, as it’s only their second year (and the secret garden police will be sure to find out if I do). 🙁

  3. Jessica Says:

    But you only planted them on the 31st! I saw the video 😉

    I’m looking forward to mine getting to this stage as currently the boys keep digging them up.

  4. Christina Says:

    Woot woot! It looks like you’ve got the magic touch.

  5. Kate theManicGardener Says:

    They grow wild in the woods near Bozeman, but I don’t know were, and those who do, aren’t telling.

  6. Soilman Says:

    Jessica: Relax, they’re not magic asparagus… it’s a bed I put in 4 years ago!

  7. Magic Cochin Says:

    Oooo Ooooo Ooooooo! Three tips spotted on our asparagus bed this morning! The anticipation of fresh asparagus topped with a freshly laid/and poached egg is so exciting!!!!!

    Celia 🙂