Globe artichoke seedlings: Better late than never

Globe artichoke seedlingsIt’s, like, TOTAL excitement: The globe artichokes seedlings have finally germinated. After almost 3 weeks.

That’s not all. My new asparagus crowns have arrived. Which means I’ve GOT to get the bramble bed ready to receive them this weekend.

Which means I’ll need to get some compost. And dig it in. And pull out the remaining bramble roots. And perhaps make a movie about it. And… and…

* Nurse! The sedative! *

4 Responses to “Globe artichoke seedlings: Better late than never”

  1. Simon Kirby Says:

    So that’s what they look like. I put some in a week after you, so I’ll know what to expect now.

  2. Matron Says:

    I’ll be interested to see how you get on. I have only ever grown them from side shoots from a parent plant. They seem to be quite hardy and are happy to be left alone much of the time.

  3. Lalu Peck Says:

    I wonder if you have grown the artichoke Violetta di Chioggia. We planted this along with Green Globe but the Violetta is so much weaker and after such a dry summer I water it occasionally and it then dies away so I leave it and it re emerges but never gets beyond 4″ high and may not make it through the winter. Any ideas please would be very welcome, Thanks, Lalu

  4. Soilman Says:

    Never tried these I’m afraid Lalu, but I hear they ARE weaker and harder to grow in the UK climate. The Globes will take a bit of frost, but I understand the Violettas really respond badly to it.