Summer comes early…?

First year asparagus

If this is a taste of what’s to come, I’m all for it.

Today was sensational. Sunny, warm, barely a breath of wind. And the vegetables are loving it.

This is the asparagus I planted in early April. The fronds are a bit feeble, but that’s to be expected in their first year. They’ll thicken up well next season.

Sadly, I can’t attack ’em even then; you shouldn’t cut asparagus until its third year. Just as well I’ve got another established bed, which is still producing enough spears for dinner four times a week.

We’ll be SO sick of it by mid June.

8 Responses to “Summer comes early…?”

  1. Jo Says:

    I do hope that the Met Office have got it right for once. It’s been a lovely couple of days here in West Yorkshire.

  2. Greenmantle Says:

    …and in other news, EU Food Ministers meeting in Brussels today warned of the threat of a global shortage of Hollandaise sauce. “Zees British allotment people must show some restraint” said M. Herge Gravytrain.

  3. Paul Says:

    I think we’re due a good summer aren’t we.. Don’t seem to have had a lovely one for a few years now…

    Your lucky you’ve got some established asparaguse beds, we’ve planted our first two beds this year and are now embarking on the two year wait for produce lol…

  4. altadenahiker Says:

    Sick of it? Sounds raw-ther smug, I’d say.

  5. Gina at My Skinny Garden Says:

    I keep wanting to grow asparagus and I keep not planting it because it takes so long before you can harvest any. If I’d planted it when I first wanted to, I’d be able to harvest it this year!

    We had nice weather here in Chicago over the weekend, too. But as soon as I put my pulled up sod into lawn bags for the garbage collectors to pick up, it started raining. I’m expecting to have a huge mess by Thursday (the regular lawn waste pick-up day).

  6. Soilman Says:

    Hiya Gina!

    It’s never too late to plant an asparagus bed (well, it is for this year… but you know what I mean). Go for it. The payback is generous and delicious.

    And I know ‘sick of asparagus’ does sound like the problem anybody would like to have, AH. I jest… but only partly. I genuinely aim to eat so much of it that I AM sick of it. So that waiting 10 months for it to come again isn’t difficult.

  7. Cazaux's Food Factory Says:

    I dont have an asparagus bed but wish I did. I wonder, could you move the crowns out of season. I would like to prepare one but if I move which may happen over the next couple of years I would not want to lose the crowns and would want to take them with me.

    “Far out” Nick next to me has two beds and Ive been given half a dozen spears from him which blew me away

  8. Dawn Says:

    I planted my asparagus this year and got quite high but spindly fronds from them.
    Its November tomorrow and I’m clearing my raised bed, should I trim the fronds to the ground or just leave them to die back naturally.
    Help please !!