Do not adjust your computer: This IS a pumpkin

Green pumpkin

No, dear reader, you’re not seeing things. You read right: this is, indeed, a pumpkin.

Granted, the characteristics generally definitive of a pumpkin (spherical, orange, ‘pumpkin-ey’ etc) are, unusually, absent. But it says ‘Pumpkin’ on the seed packet I sowed, so it MUST be true.

Just two questions:

  • Anyone ever seen a green, peanut-shaped pumpkin?
  • Er… have I been had?

10 Responses to “Do not adjust your computer: This IS a pumpkin”

  1. Tanya Walton Says:

    No Soilman…I have never seen a pumpkin looking remotely like this…they don’t even start life green!! I think it was very obviously the wrong seeds…question now is..’What the hell is it???’ Will love to know when you find out…have you cut it open yet??

  2. Amy Says:

    Nope wouldn’t call that a pumpkin by any stretch of imagination. I’m guessing that it is a pumpkin which has crossed with a courgette (apparently very common). I have some suspiciously green butternut squash which I suspect have had the same problem. Where did you get the seeds from?

  3. Mike Says:

    Perhaps you are an inadvertent test pilot for one of their genetically modified crops. I know that my Cape Goosberries turned out to be tomatillos, and one of my “up to 18 oz.” tomatoes appears to be a 1 oz. cherry. Oh well.

    Look on the bright side, in Australia they might call that a Butternut pumpkin…maybe it is.:)

  4. Soilman Says:

    Haven’t cut it yet, Tanya. Daren’t, to be honest. Will photograph when we do the deed.

    Amy: Seeds came from… Russia. Russian seeds usually produce great varieties (their strange courgette/marrow, called ‘Kabachok’, is fantastic), but I fear they’ve blown it on this one…

    Mike: Butternut Pumpkin it is, then. Although I’d have preferred a bloody pumpkin, if I’m honest.

  5. RAchael Says:

    I have something quite similar – but they are more elongated. They are the progeny of a pumpkin and something else, not sure what – so I wasn’t really surprised. Anyway it is HUGE, and is now turning orange. I will be very interested to see what it tastes like.

  6. Taylor Says:

    I have something exactly like this growing out of my compost heap. Totally mysterious but awfully prolific. I want to see what happens when you cut it open.

  7. free Says:

    Cojoined twins?!
    It does remind me of a butternut pumpkin but they’re usually quite small (and not as tasty as the normal variety we get here down under).
    Looking forward to the pics when you dig into it!

  8. barb Says:

    Looks like a sucrine du berry.
    Yes it is a pumpkin!

  9. Soilman Says:

    Thanks Barb… I think you’re right!! Looks like just the images I found. You’re a genius!

  10. Sarah Says:

    One of my last pumpkins looks a bit like this and as the leaves have died it isn’t going to get any better. The earlier fruits did become spherical(ish) and turned orange so the late mutant is in the greenhouse deciding what it wants to be. Soup?