Emerging lilies

Emerging lilies Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here they come – the highlight of the summer. I’m addicted to the smell of lilies in bloom, and I grow a dozen varieties in pots and flower beds. Come July, the smell in my garden is strong enough to kill at 100 yards.

On a different note: Anyone know anything about globe artichokes? I sowed some seed a fortnight ago (in an unheated greenhouse), but it’s done nothing. And I mean nothing; I poked about in the compost and the seeds are still obstinately intact.

Is this normal? Will they only germinate in warmer weather? Or do I have dud seeds?

7 Responses to “Emerging lilies”

  1. catofstripes Says:

    Artichokes? You might have dud seed. I planted a handful in a pot on the cool windowsill of my bedroom and they were all up within the week, only to succumb almost immediately to damping off. So you can’t win 😉

  2. ryan Says:

    I adore Lillies!

    I grew an asiatic variety last year called ‘Blackout’ and their little heads are now popping above the soil. Even more exciting that that I have managed to propagate them by planting their bulbils and these too are sprouting . . . I’m still astounded!

  3. Rachael Says:

    Do you get lily beetle?

  4. Soilman Says:

    Rachael: Oh yes. Big time. The little bastards are everywhere. I do a daily evening beetle hunt – they are located and squashed with extreme prejudice. The good news is that provided you stay on top of them in April/May, they’re not difficult to control. And at least they’re easy to see (unless you’re red/green colour blind!)

  5. Cat Says:

    Following your very welcome feedback to my lillies (thanks!) – I am WITHOUT lillies poking through. I may have a greenhouse, but am poorer for a life without lillies. Hopefully just for the moment…..

  6. Soilman Says:

    Oh God. I’m sorry, Cat. Have I killed something?!??

  7. SquareFootHammer Says:

    I potted up my free lillies this weekend that I got from T&M via a GW subscription offer. They’re supposed to be red’s and orange’s and yellow’s. Just right for my ‘hot’ garden.

    They had to go 10cm+ in to the potting mix (peat free I must add, due to Toby’s very good feature on GW the other week!) so don’t know when I’ll expect to see them? Hoping for soon, can’t wait.