Indoor gardening

Cymbidium King's LochThe weather turned nasty. So I’m stuck with indoor gardening again.

I have a week off work next week, which is exciting; I expect to finish the infamous bramble digging and mix in some good compost.

Well, that’s what I expect. In reality, I’ll probably achieve bugger-all. Except perhaps a few blisters.

3 Responses to “Indoor gardening”

  1. Li'l Ned Says:

    nice orchid…… whatever happened to the artichoke seeds? I’ve been reading up on them & apparently they are notorious for low, slow germination…

  2. Soilman Says:

    7 out of 12 germinated, Li’l Ned… but only after I brought them indoors. Looks like the others are kaput. Also, now I’m worried about damping off – apparently they’re notorious for doing this….

  3. Li'l Ned Says:

    Yay! My favorite seed catalog says: sow heavily and expect 70% germination; emergence in 10-20 days. Of these seedlings, about 20% will not produce high quality plants. Cull out the small and albino plants. Poor dears. No, I said that last, not the catalog. Your sprouts look jolly. Good luck with the damping off…..I’m sure the worrying will be of help.

    I’m growing some too this year, it’s just about an impossible crop for me (short season, cold winter) but I like to grow one impossible thing every year. I’ll be with you in spirit as I wait for germination……..