A typical basket NOT from Tesco

Peas and courgetteA pretty standard basket of veg picked on the allotment at the moment. Lots of peas, LOTS of courgettes.

I’m always struck by the absurdity of those supermarket TV ads competing for prices on ‘a typical basket’.

Whatever they’re punting, it’s not my idea of a ‘typical basket’, that’s for sure.

7 Responses to “A typical basket NOT from Tesco”

  1. Tanya walton Says:

    All my peas are finished.. 🙁

    I have enough marrows to feed an army though..must remember not to grow so many plants next year!!!

  2. allot of veg Says:

    Look at you showing off again!
    When do you plant your peas? I seem to have got the timing all wrong this year.

  3. Carrie Says:

    Looking very good, if only tesco had the same quality!! Love this harvest period – peas and beans etc, so summery

  4. Jo Says:

    My peas are finished now. I must remember to sow them successionaly next year. I’m getting plenty of courgettes though, and just starting to harvest French beans.

  5. Melanie Says:

    My basket seems to be runners (LOTS), french beans, courgette, mangetout, herbs and barlotta beans. Actually I never thought it possible but Im actually getting kind of bored with mangetout.

  6. Matron Says:

    supermarkets really make me angry! grrr! they are just in it to make money. Taste and quality go out the window in favour of a long shelf life.

  7. Metal Garden Sheds Says:

    I agree with the points about supermarkets. Gone are the days of the local butcher, whose mid priced meats were of exceptional quality – gone are the days of local markets revelling in business..

    Having your own vegetables is a great idea, and a sure step to bringing back local business surely?

    Thanks for the post.