Asparagus beetle eggs

Asparagus beetle eggsYuck, yuck, yuck. Asparagus beetle eggs laid on the tips of the spears.

I don’t get much grief from asparagus beetle. They get squashed, with maximum prejudice, when I spot them. But it’s rare, and they do very little damage to my plants.

They do, however, lay their eggs on my supper. I’m sure they’re fine to eat, but I do find myself assiduously scraping them off. It’s the thought, you see: creepy-crawly eggs. Yikes. I’m a non-celebrity allotmenteer – get me out of here!

3 Responses to “Asparagus beetle eggs”

  1. Caz Says:

    oh, I’ve never seen those before…. I will look twice before eating! Surely they drop off when you boil the asparagus?

  2. Soilman Says:

    Probably, Caz. But I’ve never dared look, just in case I find one that HASN’T dropped off. So I just stuff it in my mouth and try not to think about it…

  3. Rachael Says:

    I have just come back after a week’s holiday to find the asparagus beetles have been frolicking in my absence. I was keeping them well under control until then but now they have had a chance to lay some eggs. Mine are still in their third year so we still haven’t eaten any so I haven’t had that problem yet, but I’m determined not to let any of these eggs hatch into those nasty snot-coloured maggots.