Disappointing maincrop potato harvest

Arran Victory potatoes

Harvested the last of the spuds today. Very disappointing; small tubers and not many of them. Two 15ft rows filled only half a sack. Normally I get a sackful and a bit.

I’m assuming it was the hot, dry June. Great for sweetcorn, but not ideal for potatoes, which do a lot of their top growth in June. Even with that wet July, the haulms didn’t grow as big as usual.

Hey ho. Forced optimism is not – as you may already know – my bag. But the great thing about gardening is that there’s always next year.

PS OMG… things could be worse

6 Responses to “Disappointing maincrop potato harvest”

  1. Jacquie Says:

    They look good though. Sorry you’re disappointed – at least you’ve some fab sweetcorn to enjoy, unlike me who left them too late and is now praying for an Indian Summer as I believe they need a few more weeks. Potatoes on the other hand have been a success for me this year, though still not harvested the lot.

  2. Tanya walton Says:

    the potatoes look healthy though so that’s a bonus.

    I’m hoping to grow a main crop next year…any suggestions for a good yield??

  3. Soilman Says:

    Hi Tanya

    Prob best not to ask me after my performance this year!

    In the past, I’ve found Cara and Lady Balfour to be easy, reliable and prolific maincrops.

    Also Desiree, which I always grow; such tasty, versatile spuds and so easy. Particularly good if you have dry, well-drained soil; they’re more drought-tolerant than most.

  4. Amanda Says:

    We had a dry June too and the same disappointment with the potato crop: less than last year although I planted more. Annoying!

  5. Mal's Allotment Says:

    Hi SM – You are growing a heritage potato (Arran Victory again?) so don’t expect huge returns. Besides I see you are in the ‘South East’ (not giving too much away there) so you blighters have had all the sun that’s been going this summer. Tell you what I’ve got half a dozen Pilots here in Edinurgh and I’ll dig them up this weekend and weigh them. I’ll take some pics too. In fact I’ve got some pics already on my blog now I think about it, but Ill weigh what’s left.

    ps we had a terribly dry May/June but it’s pissed ever since.



  6. Soilman Says:

    Hiya Mal

    Yes, we got a lot of dry weather this year. I was convinced July was very wet, but my potatoes tell a different story. If I think about it clearly, it was cold, windy and overcast in July… but actually there wasn’t much rain.

    I find Arran Victory fairly prolific, despite its ‘heritage’ status. I used to grow Vitelottes (and may again next year), which are quite the most delicious tasting potato, but it’s true the yields are disappointing. Looks like you can never have everything.