Drowned rat

To adopt an expression more familiar to my US readers: The weather sucks a big one.

Jeez, but it’s rained here. I don’t live in Flood Central, thank God, but I’m living like a rat in a hole. Can’t go out without getting soaked, whatever the day, whatever the hour.

The most irritating consequence is that my vegetable plot has had zero attention for almost three weeks; the only times I’ve not been working, it’s been pissing. Extra hard.

So many apologies for the absence, on this gardening blog, of any gardening.

7 Responses to “Drowned rat”

  1. Mal's Allotment Says:

    Well I’m sitting at home twiddling my thumbs too, SM knowing that the plot needs clearing, turning, manuring, liming, paths to be laid etc. In the meantime my seed order arrived yesterday. Checking through my order I feel almost like a banker fingering through his stash. But it doesn’t count for anything unless you use it properly and there’s the rub. Another distraction from the ravages of the elements is this blogging. It certainly keeps you planning and thinking. Just as long as it doesn’t become a substitute for the real thing… SAD syndrome anyone?

  2. glittertrash Says:

    Yes, I’m in the UK for about 5 minutes and it’s been freezing, grey & pissing down rain since I landed. I am kind of enjoying the living up to cliche, but it’s hardly inspiring weather to be out & about in.

  3. paul johnstone Says:

    As a postman I get soaked all morning [ and part of the afternoon these days] and then cannot get on my allotment due to it either still raining or too wet to work on !
    Still it is ideal weather for the couch grass though and it is developing nicely on my onion bed.

  4. Christina Says:

    Will you send some of that rain over here? Years of drought are catching up to us.

  5. Simon Says:

    If you want to be sure when it’s going to rain (at least in my allotment) try 14, 16 and 18 December. These are the remaining days I have taken off to fiddle with the new layout and it has dutifully rained on every other day I have taken off for this so far. At least I have my trusty shed roof extension (Schleppdach) to shelter under.

  6. Soilman Says:

    I’ll be sure to block those days off in the calendar and avoid going outside at all costs, Simon.

  7. Hippygeek Says:

    I understand your frustrations!
    Here on the other side of the world we’re into our first week of Summer. I’d love to be all excited about that but pffft – we’ve had all of a few hours of sunshine so far, and the rest has been cold, rain and wind. Spring was like that, too. Not expecting great things from my Summer veggies this year 🙁

    BTW Soilman, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Can I be a pain and ask you to update the link? A new leaf has been replaced with my hippy geekiness 😀 And I guess I ought to think about posting something soon, but I still feel a bit like I have a half dead winter garden and nothing else to talk about!