Pictures of the plot. And sundry thoughts…

View of my vegetable plotProbably time to go public with a bigger-picture view of the plot. There’s a ton more at the back (about which more anon), but here’s half my ‘land’.

Verdict: OK. I guess.

What’s good: asparagus, carrots, peas.

What’s not: Potatoes. Slow growth this year, for reasons unknown. No spuds before mid-June, I fear.

I could bore for Britain on ‘what I’m growing at the plot’. God knows, dear Reader, the temptation to bludgeon you with plot-related trivia into a dribbling, catatonic stupor is a powerful one. I’ve only met a handful of you, so you’re mostly faceless victims of my Compulsive-Confession Allotment Disorder. It’s easy to abuse you.

But I know I mustn’t. You have lives and families. They need your sanity. And anyway, if I’m going to bore for Britain, I should really be boring about the toilet of bullshit, lies, greed, venality and hypocrisy that UK public life has become.

But relax: I won’t. At least, not today.

4 Responses to “Pictures of the plot. And sundry thoughts…”

  1. Liz Says:

    Your plot is looking great – I’m always tempted on my blog just to show the best bits so very brave of you to reveal all! Our plants were all growing well until rabbits found their way onto the allotments and now it’s carnage! I’m not a happy grower I can tell you!

  2. Soilman Says:

    Oh God. Nothing more appallingly destructive than rabbits. What measures are you taking against them, Liz?

  3. Simon Says:

    Ah go on, bludgeon me, my sanity is long gone. And you’ve got carrots! Carrots!

  4. Soilman Says:

    Oh all right, then. You talked me into it, Simon. I’ll get my ranting hat on at some point.