Celeriac seeds are go!

Well here it is: the first seed sowing of the season. And the first alliteration.

This is celeriac, which needs a long, long growing season to achieve any size. I sow the seeds indoors, transferring to individual pots when the seedlings are established. To simplify the process, I’m experimenting with these expanding peat pockets.

And yeah, I know I shouldn’t be using peat. Gimme a break; it’s the only time I touch the stuff for anything.

Peat pockets Pockets in tray

Pockets expanding in water Seeds sown in propagator

7 Responses to “Celeriac seeds are go!”

  1. Cazaux Says:

    This is encouraging.

    The first blog to picture planting in 2009.

    I dont have an electric propegator. But I do have celeriac seed. Do you think I could get some off in my house on a window ledge and transfer to greenhouse(unheated) in a month or so?



  2. Soilman Says:

    That’s what I do, Cazaux. These are in an unheated propagator in my (heated) conservatory. I’ll pot them on and keep them there until early April. They grow absurdly slowly, so there’s no hurry.

  3. Matron Says:

    I’ve never grown celeriac, although I love eating it!

  4. SquareFootHammer Says:

    I thought you weren’t growing celeriac ever again due to last year’s glut? 🙂

    I think my celeriac has totally failed. It’s still growing in the ground but hasn’t bulked up, so might be useful by about May/June? !!!!

    Good luck with your seeds though.

  5. Laura (France) Says:

    Hi Soilman
    I’ve never managed to get more than a knot of celeriac but I do love it and I am inspired so I’ll have a go trying your method and see if I can at least get a good dinner out of it. Do you know how long the seeds are viable. I gave up on it last year so the seeds I have are at least a couple of years old.

  6. Soilman Says:

    Sqfthammer: That was before my entire celeriac crop (bar three plants I’d harvested) was nicked. Stolen. Now I’m dead keen to grow more!!

    Laura: No idea how long the seeds are viable, but celeriac’s from the same family as carrots so I assume they’re good for 2-3 years. Only one way to find out! One top tip: Celeriac likes LOTS of water, so always try to keep the ground moist around them. Makes a huge difference to how big they grow.

  7. Cazaux's Food Factory Says:

    I bought some celeriac plug plants and drenched them last year. Water Water Water – They were the size of grapefruits this was my “veg of the year” for the reason that my wife and mother in law don’t like trying something new plus they are not keen on celery. Well I slipped this into a dinner and they loved it. So much so that they started buying it when my crop ran out. It definately has a thumbs up from me.

    The Juries still out on the swede though. Being french they have the notion that its animal fodder altough my wife will eat a little to please me.