Here comes the glut…

All the year round Caulifowers and Ratte potatoesThick and fast now, thick and fast. It’s all going crazy.

We have Ratte potatoes, Orla potatoes, All-the-year-round cauliflowers, Early Nantes carrots, Bolthardy beetroot and Russian courgette/squash hybrids (don’t know what these are called in English, but they’re known as ‘Kobachok’ in Russian).

The missus and I are stuffed to the gills with veg every night.

3 Responses to “Here comes the glut…”

  1. Allotments4you Says:

    Hi Soilman…great site…been reading a few of your earlier posts and found some good tips. I am new to allotmenting and to blogging and was hoping we could exchange links. I don’t have much yet but lots floating in my head to add. feel free to comment on my blog!!

  2. Carrie Says:

    We’re eating a lot of broad beans and peas. Just started into the beetroot and ALL the climbing beans (runners and borlotti) and French beans are coming at exactly the same pace!!! Thank god for freezers. Plus I made strawberry jam today – none last year, enough to feed a small army this year!

  3. Matron Says:

    What a fantastic time for us veggie growers! Nice to hear that you and the missus are satisfied with your efforts!!…xxx Matron