Sowing early carrots under plastic

Plastic tunnels Don’t know if these plastic tunnels work or not; never tried. The theory is that they warm the soil ready for planting. So you can sow seeds a bit earlier than you might normally.

I’ll give it a whirl and sow some carrots in early March. Usually, I get crap germination if I sow before April. So if this works, it will be a major breakthrough.

Anyone done this and had success? Or is it the usual rubbish?

9 Responses to “Sowing early carrots under plastic”

  1. Maria Says:

    Yes, it definitely works for me! I’ve been doing this for the last 3 years, and the crops in the tunnel are always 3-4 weeks ahead of those sown outside. Don’t forget to water the crops though!

  2. Rachael Says:

    Mine just blew away

  3. Soilman Says:


    Sorry, Rachael, that made me laugh. Because that’s exactly what part of my tunnel had done when I visited it this morning.

    Curses and double curses.

  4. altadenahiker Says:

    One of the successful urban farms in this neck of the woods uses floating row covers in winter, so I’m sure it works. But what a lot of work (to do it correctly, I mean).

  5. Maria Says:

    My father showed me the trick. It’s not difficult once you know how to do it. A wooden stick at each end, a hammer to slam them in the ground and then put rope accross the plastic to secure it. It CAN be done, believe me 😉 Pity I live in the Netherlands, otherwise I would have given you a hand.

    You will try again, won’t you? Good luck!

  6. Matron Says:

    I keep having failures with carrots! either because of poor germination or because the darn cats see a lovely smooth seed bed and dig it all up to crap everywhere! grrrr I’m going to try some under a cloche this year so will let you know!

  7. Pumpkin Queen Says:

    I know you are not meant to sow carrots in a propagator, but I always do this so all of them germinate. I use an ice cream tub and some damp tissue and empty the contents of my seeds into the tub and put it in the propagator.

    Then once they have two leaves I plant them in my raised beds and put a cloche over them.

    I did this at the end of January, the snow fell and I thought I had lost the lot. But quite the contrary, they are doing really well and I will be seeing carrots very early this year!

  8. Pumpkin Queen Says:


    Cats hate orange peel and hose pipes. The citronella from the orange peel keeps them away or you could use “get off gel” from a DIY shop – works a treat. They also hate hose pipes as they think they are snakes, so if you have an old one, try cutting it up in to bits and laying it around your carrots.

    Last year I grew carrots in an old bath. Beautiful they were and they missed the carrot fly being that much higher up.

  9. Soilman Says:

    Only thing I ever found that keeps cats off open soil is the scarecrow.

    They should pay me to advertise the wretched thing, they really should, because a) I would – it’s that good, and b) I need the money.