The weedy truth

Unkempt part of my allotmentEverybody has a skeleton in the closet.

Mine’s in the middle of my allotment – a dreadful, weedy, unkempt patch of horror that used to be the root vegetable bed last year.

Cunning camera work has kept it invisible hitherto. But now I’m ‘fessing up.

I haven‘t done all the digging and I’m not ready for Spring. So laugh, point fingers and take the piss. Do your worst. I deserve it.

PS The first Soilman experimental live webcast will start here on Sunday 8th Feb at 7pm GMT. I’ll give dangerous answers to beginner gardening queries. Or you could just tune in to take the mickey.

5 Responses to “The weedy truth”

  1. jopan Says:

    i still need to create a pea bed next to my broad bean bed. good thing all my peas died in the snow that crashed through my cold frame. plus i just threw manure on top of my incoming weeds, which includes a few bits of couch grass.

  2. Rachael Says:

    Well that’s one good thing about snow isn’t it – it hides a multitude of sins. Mine looks pristine at the moment covered in white, but in reality, I haven’t turned a single sod yet.

  3. VP Says:

    Are you sure you didn’t sneak over to my plot for that photo? It looks suspiciously like it 😉

    I can imagine your webcast will be like GQT, but with attitude! Can I have dangerous answers and take the mickey please?

  4. Soilman Says:

    Please do, VP, please do. Am looking forward to being roundly insulted by everyone… if I can get the damn thing to work…

  5. allotment blogger Says:

    Ha! We’ve got one of those two, mainly filled with rogue rhubarb and bits of old brick and we just keep walking round it and pretending it’s not there!