Clearing up this year’s corn

Old sweetcorn stalksI was digging like a Terminator on Sunday. Managed to get most of this year’s sweetcorn on the compost and even spread a bit more horse shit.

Grim job, though. Back hurts, arse hurts, arms hurt, legs hurt. Had blisters the size of Flying Saucers (remember them?!) when I’d finished.

More of the same come the weekend. It’s so important to have something nice to look forward to, don’t you find?

2 Responses to “Clearing up this year’s corn”

  1. Tanya Walton Says:

    So glad you started on your digging…at least you had a dry day for it….we had a good day Sunday and I did sod all on the plot or in the garden so i congratulate you greatly on all your hard work…and just think…if you recover enough to get down the plot again this weekend you know exactly what to expect Sunday night!!!

  2. allotment blogger Says:

    Do you compost your sweetcorn plants? I’ve dug all mine up and it looks like a small forest of dry stuff – not sure how long it will take to break down, nor what value it has, compost-wise – any advice?