Sweetcorn: Er… why?


Probably should have made this picture black and white for the full artsy-fartsy look. I’m totally chuffed with my corn this year. It’s growing like hell and looking gorgeous.

God alone knows why. Yeah, yeah, I know the weather’s been good for corn. But still. That can’t explain why it’s worked SO well this year.

Honestly, I know I shouldn’t interrogate my successes, but it’s hard not to spend most of your time – as a gardener – living in a state of quasi-senility. Mostly, I’m baffled to hell. Dunno what I did wrong – or right.

Oh shit. Maybe I AM senile already.

7 Responses to “Sweetcorn: Er… why?”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Hey, does it really matter if you are senile already – you’ve got fabulous sweetcorn! You take the rough with the smooth… I tend not to think about it and take all the credit when things go right and blame mother nature when they are crap, it works for me.

  2. Magic Cochin Says:

    You win some, you lose some. Gardening is like that – whatever you do right or wrong there’s that element of the weather that is the wild-card.

    Don’t moan please – CELEBRATE the great looking corn and look forward to eating the first cob with butter dripping off your chin!


  3. Jo Says:

    It’s looking great. It’s certainly much further on than mine.

  4. Manor Stables Veg Plot Says:

    after the crap start with the sweetcorn, and having to eventually cheat, and get some off friends, I too am chuffed with the sweetcorn. Its gone really thick and NONE have died! Yet…..Uh oh…..

  5. Thomas Says:

    Congratulations?….Or, should I say, my sympathies? Oh, the trials and tribulations we growers go through.

    Also, very interesting discussion.


  6. Simon Says:

    Our maize looks like ours did two weeks ago. Now ours id over two meters tall with ripening fruit on the stems and bizarre flowers waving about on the tops. At the top left of web page you can see my son admiring our corn.

    I’m looking forward tot he harvest.


  7. kathy Says:

    Defintely congratulations. And raise a toast to it, quick.

    My corn’s looking super too. But you can’t put a lot of thought into it. All I need is one hungry raccoon….