Sweetcorn saved by plastic

Sweetcorn under plastic

Warm weather? WARM WEATHER?!?!?

See what happens when you prognosticate? Just gives God another opportunity to demonstrate His evil sense of humour.

Today was beyond shit. Not only did it start with a mild ground frost (thank Heaven I put these out under plastic), it then turned into one of those crappy, blustery, rainy, maritime days for which these islands are infamous.

Didn’t even rain properly. Just a few spits and spots and sharp(ish) showers. Not enough to get down to the plant roots.

So all in all, a predictably pants Bank Holiday Monday. Anyone give me odds on a better one in a few weeks?

3 Responses to “Sweetcorn saved by plastic”

  1. Cazaux's Food Factory Says:

    Dear Soilman et all,

    Please accept my extended apologies. I’m afraid the rain was without a doubt my fault. We met for a family barbeque and garden cricket yesterday. I moaned as we drove to my uncles that I could be planting stuff on my plot, and prayed for rain as I was taken out for a duck and was sent to wicket keepers position. I got my wish and the game was cancelled. Mwwwwarrrr.

    Good to see those s-weet eat corns on the ground there Soilman. My fave vegetable bar none.

    I already lost one to an over eager three years old helping me with the weeding.

    Luckily I had held a few back so there was no harm done. Maybe you would add your pearls of wisdom to my latest disaster in the making.



  2. Rachael Says:

    ..and it’s going to be annoyingly windy all week..GRRRR

  3. Jo Says:

    Typical bank holiday weather here too. I haven’t planted my sweetcorn yet, that’s a job for this week.