Food bloggers’ get-together

Some gardening and veg growing types got together in Oxford on Saturday, arranged by the indefatigable Patrick. As ever, I was on the way to somewhere else and had no time. Apologies to all for slinking off in a hurry – this is my life nowadays.

Couldn’t bring the videocamera proper, but shot this brief video with the iPhone; it’s the redoubtable Emma (of AKG Podcast fame) answering questions about keeping chickens. Thanks to Patrick for long hours he must have put into organising everything, and apologies again for my fleeting semi-presence.

4 Responses to “Food bloggers’ get-together”

  1. VP Says:

    Phew! Emma and I were worried it was something we said.

    Lovely to see you, no matter how fleeting.

  2. Soilman Says:

    Great to see you, too. Just ran out of time!!

  3. Patrick Says:

    Thanks for coming, and making the video!

    I actually had a video camera with me, but at the last minute I thought it would be too intrusive. It’s a pretty cheap model (a ‘flip’ camera), without zoom or stabilization, so I was going to have to place it on a tripod directly in front of the people speaking, and close up. I though that would be too much.

    Anyway, I made some videos of the Sunday workshop. As soon as I can do a little editing I’ll post them.