How creatives work… poor bastards

I’m not usually one for posting YouTube virals, but I have to make an exception for this one. If you’ve ever worked for clients in the creative industries, in any capacity, you’re going to LOVE it. And if you haven’t… well, all I’m saying is: Don’t be the cretinous client. Please.

3 Responses to “How creatives work… poor bastards”

  1. corynsboy Says:


    Excellent at fleecing the client. They finish most of their commissions within 1 hour of the deadline. They are evasive about progress even when they’ve been given weeks to come up with something. They never do what the client wants they just do what they usually do and hope that fits the remit. Or worse still submit ideas that were rejected by their other clients. By the time they do deliver something usable the client is too far down the line to pull out of their half arsed, talent free concepts and end up using some old shit their commissioned artist cobbled together a day ago sat on the toilet with a hangover.

    Artists get to call themselves artists even when they are not being paid. If I don’t get paid for what I do I get called unemployed! Artists I shit ’em! 🙂

    Always a pleasure visiting your site SM.

  2. Soilman Says:

    Thanks Corynsboy, it’s great to hear the other side of the story!!!

    Actually, I’ve played both roles in this dialogue at one point or another in my ‘career’. So the whole thing makes me cringe/weep/laugh…

  3. Liz Says:

    Brilliant 🙂