What’s grown best for you this year?

Autumn King carrotsThese are coming along nicely. They’re my favourite Autumn King carrots, and they’ll be ready in just a week or two.

It’s been a good year for carrots. Actually, more like a blinding year; I’ve had more and better roots than ever before. Haven’t the faintest idea why.

What’s grown best for you this year? If you have any theories about why, do share them… I could do with the enlightenment. I just blunder around in a fog on my plot most of the time.

13 Responses to “What’s grown best for you this year?”

  1. Taylor Says:

    My beans have been particularly prolific this year. Also had a great potato crop, at least as far as I could tell (first time growing them).

    Summer squash and Zuchs were doing great until they were flattened by powdery mildew in less than a week’s time.

  2. allot of veg Says:

    Beans for me too. I put it down to a lot of water after planting plus some sweet peas for pollination and not too windy. Although with beans there’s always wind…

  3. Joe Says:

    I’ve had a great tomato year.
    Amazingly, all from one plant. I started a Sweet 100 in a Square Foot Gardening box.
    It’s grown to over 8 ft tall and 6 feet wide, and we take off a quart or two every few days.

  4. Jacquie Says:

    Potatoes and alliums. I didn’t give enough time to gardening this year and I paid the price. Still crossing fingers for sweetcorn and tomatoes.

  5. Tanya Walton Says:

    Runner-beans and tomatoes have been plentiful this year..I really don’t think marrows count..lol

  6. liz Says:

    This is my first year so I can’t really comment, but my beans have done very well and so have my tomatoes considering they were sown very late from seed… They’re only just ripening now, but to top it off they were also grown outside. No problems such as blight either so I’m rather impressed I’ve been so lucky.

  7. Soilman Says:

    Those of you who’ve done well with tomatoes this year have done very well, I reckon; blight has devastated the crops of most people round my way.

    And no, Tanya, marrows don’t count!!!!

  8. Simon Says:

    Our carrots and parsnips have raced really performed. The corrots on a paper strip just disappeared along with the paper. But the second wave of normal seeds (Bantry carrots and Albion parsnips) went really well. I think the success lies in the crevasse planting and the 50-50 sand/compost mixture used.

  9. Painchaud Says:

    I guess what grew best….well I was surprise to get carrots that were longer than a foot because of the rocky soil that is my back yard =)

  10. allotment blogger Says:

    We had great tomatoes (but in the greenhouse) so that doesn’t really count. Our best crop, so far, has been celeriac. 100% germination from seed, and they’ve simply been fantastic in the ground – perhaps I’m speaking too soon but at present we’re looking forward to lots of celeriac mash!

  11. fair weather gardener Says:

    my carrots are fantastic.. I am a bit unautherdox in my planting my earlies.. I set them in the green house in plugs, they germinate better and when big enough, I set them out, works for me, my autumn kings are brilliant too … maybe not a foot long and 2 inches across, but good strong straight roots of approx 6 inches long by 1/12 inches across, with those , I prepared the ground, got seed and just sprinkled it over the site covered with peat , and left them to it, no special treatment , I even forget to water sometimes, my soil is very fine and free draining, claggy when wet.. but everything has done well this year, just lucky I spose ?

  12. Sarah Bertine Says:

    Don’t laugh but our best plant is a zucchini that has produced more than 100 fruits so far and is still going strong. It was bought at a nursery on the San Francisco peninsula and was labeled as “Romanesco”; however the fruit doesn’t look at all like the photos I’ve found online. Doesn’t matter, though, because this is the absolute best-tasting zucchini we’ve ever had. I have only served it butter-steamed with a little onion and garlic because I don’t want to hide its great taste. I’m going to try to save some seeds in case the nursery doesn’t carry this item next year.

  13. Soilman Says:

    100 fruit from one plant!?!? Where was it bred… Chernobyl??