Liquid chicken manure: Yum, yum

Liquid chicken manureI love the smell of manure in the morning.

But, er, I may pass on this – chicken shit that’s liquefied after storage in a plastic bag for a year. Lovely.

Pongs a bit, no question. But it’s fantastic for getting your compost going. Once this has seeped in and done its bit, the heap will warm up and start working again after a long, cold winter.

8 Responses to “Liquid chicken manure: Yum, yum”

  1. Matron Says:

    That looks like a wonderful high nitrogen, compost starter! Just light the blue touch paper and stand back!

  2. altadenahiker Says:

    I’m using pigeon shi… manure in my raised beds. Unfortunately, my dog considers the clumps little hors d’oevres.

  3. Soilman Says:

    Where are you getting the pigeon shit from, altadenahiker? Tell me you’re not scraping it off your roof or something!?

  4. altadenahiker Says:

    Not. A friend actually raises racing pigeons.

  5. Soilman Says:

    Great source of fertiliser. Makes me wonder if I should contact pigeon keepers in my area; they must all be drowning in manure they want taken away.

  6. Matron Says:

    Be very careful when using pigeon shi*** there is a nasty illness which is easy to catch if you breathe in the dry dust!

  7. Matt Houldsworth Says:


    Where do you get your Chicken Manure from? I have heard of this technique before but have never been able to get any.

    Great site by the way!

    Matt Houldsworth

  8. Soilman Says:

    My mother keeps chickens, Matt, so there’s always a ready supply…