Manuring and digging

Full plotGetting there. I’m still weeks behind, but hey. Nobody’s perfect.

Given a few dry weekends, I should be able to sort the digging and manuring by the end of January. The biggest challenge now is finding room for another compost heap. My bin’s stuffed.

Anyone out there able to put their hand on their heart and say they’re fully ready for next season?

5 Responses to “Manuring and digging”

  1. Amy Says:

    not even close. I was pleased that I managed to complete the garlic and onion planting before the end of the year but I still have a lot of digging to get done.

  2. paul johnstone Says:

    loads to do still !
    Had planned to spend Sunday morning on the plot as am working Saturday.
    Just been asked to baby sit instead .
    The trials of being a grandad!
    Will spend all tuesday on the plot to make up if it stays dry [which means rain all day].

  3. Carrie Says:

    Far from it!! The weather has been so poor and the plots are a little flooded. But we’ll get there, eventually. Yours in fab ~ jealous

  4. Tanya Walton Says:

    I could but my hand on my heart and say it…and I was very good with my digging this year…but since then it has all gone to pot…I really need to get down the plot again….oh well there’s always tomorrow!!!

  5. Simon Says:

    There’s loads I could do, but its too lte for this year now. The ground is frozen hard, it’s -6 outside and due to get colder. I can’t do much with the soil now until March-ish unless I’m really lucky.