Rain stops play

Rain on window

Another splendid example of His sense of humour: Took today off work to do some digging on the allotment, and was greeted with this.

It’s not just raining. It’s coming down in streams as thick as pencils. If I stood stark naked in the garden for five minutes wielding a loofah, I’d have a convincing shower (and my neighbour would have a convincing embolism).

So what to do? Well, I could rearrange my seed drawer. Or perhaps study the outside pebble-dash through the conservatory window.

But I won’t. Instead, I’ll flob on the sofa watching daytime TV, then burp and fart my way through an hour or two with YouTube. Then I’ll give up in despair and go back to work.

Jeez Louise.

13 Responses to “Rain stops play”

  1. Lucy Corrander Says:

    It’s called appreciating nature.


  2. Jo Says:

    Our rain came last night, it’s bright enough here today but even so, I won’t be getting any digging done either, I’ve got a sick child who’s off school. How inconsiderate!

  3. Soilman Says:

    They do that, don’t they Jo? I don’t have any myself, but I’ve heard the rumours.

  4. Tanya Walton Says:

    I’m sure you weren’t that bothered about a day of daytime tv instead of breaking your back on the allotment soilman….it could have been worse…you could have had a power cut too!!!!

  5. gary Says:

    Fantastic plan, especially the farting bit!

    Raised a smile here.


  6. Mal's Allotment Says:

    You gave up at 8:30!!!

  7. Soilman Says:

    That’s me, Mal. Persistent, dead persistent.

  8. kathy Says:


    Same weather over here today. Can’t say I did the same as you.

  9. Simon Says:

    I had a very similar result and posted with the same title just before you (I think). I just need three dry days in a row but they aren’t coming. Perhaps my moles will drown.


  10. Jo Says:

    There’s an award for you on my blog, I hope you will accept it.

  11. altadenahiker Says:

    You have a conservatory?

  12. Mal's Allotment Says:

    Tell you what – I’ve booked (been “granted”) Friday off work so that I can catch up before the worst of winter (and prepare a blueberry bed, no less!). Now just watch it tip down over Edinburgh.

  13. Soilman Says:

    Jo: You’re too kind! I’m very touched by the thought. Thank you.

    Altadenahiker: ‘Conservatory’ makes it sound grander than it is. Think small glass box stuck on the side of a small UK house. ‘Small’ is the key word here.