Video: Heavy snow in England

I know you Canadians and north Americans will laugh, but a foot of snow in the southern UK is a very big deal. Really. We’ve not seen snow like it in the London area for almost 20 years.

In fact, I remember that last heavy snow. I was a student, living in Chelsea (south west London), and 200 of us were snowed in at our digs. The gates froze solid. So we had a day off college because they were too high to climb.

Er, honest.

Snow in England from Soilman on Vimeo.

9 Responses to “Video: Heavy snow in England”

  1. Joe Says:

    Having three weeks of snow on the ground before Christmas was just as unusual in the Pacific Northwest. We get a dusting or two a year, if that.

  2. maureen Says:

    A very impressive video. Love the hat!

  3. Cazaux Says:

    Your opener is so true, a foot of snow sure is a lot for us.

    We are used to mild winters, this one is enough for us to think this global warming’s a load of the proverbial.

    Essex didn’t get the worst of it thankfully.

    Lets hope for a quick thaw-out.

  4. Amanda Says:

    Hee hee. You haven’t looked so happy on your blog for a long time – a bit of weather-induced chaos and you’re in your element aren’t you? I’ve been having a good chuckle at the news stories coming out of England today. There’s a particularly good variation of the atheist bus adverts which sums up the travel chaos.

  5. Soilman Says:

    It is SO embarrassing that we’re unable to cope with even the gentlest of snows in this country. Round my way there were cars in people’s front gardens, prangs and accidents all over the place.

    British people can’t drive 10 feet in the snow without crashing lavishly. It really is lamentable.

  6. Nancy Says:

    Houston (Texas, USA) doesn’t even have to get an inch of snow to shut down. I think most of us are just struck dumb in astonishment, and the others don’t want to drive on the overpasses…and we have a LOT of overpasses.

  7. Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding Says:

    …and there’s more on the way later in the week…!

  8. Corynsboy Says:

    Hey Soilman. I had an enforced day off yesterday. No tubes and no Essex to London train service to speak of. It’s not much better today. Went to the plot yesterday to take some pictures for my blog. Everything was covered to 6 inches except the big pile of manure by our gates.

    See second blog down for pictures.

  9. VP Says:

    Amazing how good your plot looks disguised by the snow – but we know better don’t we?