First asparagus tip!

Asparagus tipI’m stunned how early it’s come. After the winter we’ve endured, I didn’t expect to see any asparagus until May.

Did a few hours at the plot today, but without enthusiasm. The piercing wind and grey skies got to me. If it were July, I’d have ignored it. But after five months of winter – and a tough old winter, at that – I’m just sick of it. Enough already.

That’s the thing with winter: like radiation exposure, it’s cumulative. I totally get what happened to Van Gogh. Always a tad unstable, the poor bastard painted one too many wacky clouds from his garret window and thought: “Right, fuck it. That’s it. Can’t take it any more. Where did I put that gun?”

7 Responses to “First asparagus tip!”

  1. allotofveg Says:

    I’m beggining to worry about you Soilman. Go and sniff a daffodil or something. It’s spring!

  2. Tanya Walton Says:

    Think of it this way Soilman…the weather can’t get much worse…at least for a while anyway!!

  3. Damo Says:

    I’m getting the spuds in tomorrow as it’s been dry now for 24 hrs, need to make the most of it. I’d love to grow asparagus, don’t have the room though. It will get better!

  4. Doug Says:

    Sorry to rub it in, but there are about 6/7″ of asparagus already showing down here in Essex, and today has been a lovely day, got all my spuds planted, stunning evening.

  5. Nome Says:

    No way! Mine is showing no signs life yet, and I don’t expect it to for a while. I’m so jealous!

  6. Jo Says:

    I went to the allotment yesterday, but had to come home again without getting any jobs done as it was just so wet. It’s raining again today. If it would just stop for a couple of days so that it could dry out.

  7. Soilman Says:

    Would be nice, wouldn’t it? But I fear this Spring is set to be a very late and very cold one.