Will the cauliflowers actually happen in 2010?

cauliflower seedlingsIncredible: June 9th and I’ve STILL not got my first tranche of cauliflowers out on the plot.

Honestly, this year’s been crap. I’ve had a difficult time lately for other reasons, but the running regime is one of the main culprits. Finding the time to cultivate a full allotment AND run 15 miles a week is proving challenging.

Anyone even further behind than me? Please, please say. You’ll make me feel so much better.

14 Responses to “Will the cauliflowers actually happen in 2010?”

  1. Ruth Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been 3-4 weeks late with everything this year. I got most of my brassicas in last weekend, but still have to do the broccoli. And I’ve still got second sowings of pumpkins and marrows (due to frost damage) starting out. So it’s not just you!

  2. Soilman Says:

    Thanks, Ruth. That DOES make me feel better…!

  3. marmitetoasty Says:

    I am so excited, I got the phone call this evening to say that an allotment plot has come up in our village and my name was now top of the list, its a small plot aparently and Im to meet ‘Allotment Joe’ on Friday morning to have a look, Im so excited even though I have no clue has to what to do with it or where to start, and I have NO PLANTS to start LOL is it to late to sow seeds LOL….. see, there is no hope 🙂

    so you think you are behind, I aint even started lol


  4. altadenahiker Says:

    Well, uhm, yes. I planted pumpkin seeds a couple of weeks ago. Just found out teenage fruit should be on the vine by June. October seems a long way off, but, apparently, like humans, pumpkins take a long time to mature.

  5. Magic Cochin Says:

    I”m at least a month behind last year with everything here! I’ve done what I could when the westher allowed and that I could fit in between work and spending most weekends on the road sorting out the travails of elderly next of kin.

    Hey – but, who’s writing the timetable? Me! So I say it’s all toddling along nicely. Loads of Bunyard’s Matchless heritage lettuce sprang up unannounced all over the shop! One must have self seeded last year. As has coriander and parsley 🙂 The garlic and broad beans are looking good too. And I have lots of stuff in the greenhouse which will be planted out soon – thank you whoever in charge of rain, the soil has been well watered just in time.

    You’re well under control Soilman – give yourself a gold star!

  6. Amy Says:

    Well I have the onions and garlic sorted. Celeriac is planted out and I have at least some peas and beans growing but that’s it. I’d say I’m running about a month behind this year, the weather, the delay caused by having to build rabbit fencing and like you running has been the cause!

    Now if I could just clear some of the weeds then I could get stuff planted out…

    Mind you my plot neightbour must be feeling worse, he was well ahead of the game and planted everything out months ago. Of course all of it has since been frosted, scorched or drowned.

  7. Soilman Says:

    God, that does make me feel better. Thanks!

  8. Amanda Says:

    Marmite toasty, I’m a newbie too!! Hellooooo!

    A lot of our neighbouring allotments are looking pretty empty and behind as well, the weather combo seems to have been quite offputting for plants and people alike! Just put our first lot of pumpkins in today (in the rain!), but still have beans and peas to plant on; doing the salad stuff in the garden where I can keep an eye on it, whatever the weather!

  9. Simon Says:

    I still need to get in carrots, parsnips, swedes, brassicas, and turnips. I also need to fill in the gaps where 50% of my lancet peas have failed to germinate. I did this yesterday for the Kelvedon Wonder peas which were equally poor in germinating.

    We have our gradening club Plant Swop Party on Saturday.

  10. Jane Says:

    Hi Soilman
    don’t panic you are definately not on your own! My broccoli has yet to go in,loads of stuff in the greenhouse waiting to be potted on e.g peppers, celeriac, basil, hopefully this weekend. Never did get round to sowing my peas due to juggling new job, family comittments and other stuff. My potatoes are romping away but carrots (as usual) are crap!
    Happy gardening,

  11. Damo Says:

    If it’s any consolation I’d be way behind you on the running front, I’m weezing just thinking about it!

  12. Tanya Walton Says:

    I think everyone is behind this year…I have got one plot planted out but the other is slow going…I have seedlings which are wanting to jump out the tray and as of yet nowhere to put them…I have beans still to sow…and chard…and cabbages…so yes I am behind too..you can feel better about yourself now!!!

  13. Julieanne Says:

    yeh, I still haven’t got any brassicas out either. I only got my taties in at the end of May, and as for carrots and parsnips…

    Reading all the comments above from others behind makes me feel SO much better!

  14. mikes dad Says:

    All crops went in o.k. but some have hardly moved , french beans appear to have just stopped at 2-3 inches , beetroot is all leaf , new spuds had been on the table for 3 weeks here in Reading last year , this year all tops and no spud , peas [ Alderman ] and mange tout are superb !