Ripped out all the weeds… not

French beansFirst visit to the allotment in 9 days. I’m not proud.

Worked like a demon to pull out about 20% of the weeds (1 hour’s work), plant out the remaining sweetcorn seedlings (30 mins), plant and net the cauliflowers (90 mins) and stick in these beans (20 mins).

So, success. And yet…

The whole place is still swamped in bloody weed. I’m too ashamed to show you the pictures.

Ah, sod it. I’m not really. I have no shame any more. So you can look forward to explicit, unexpurgated and red hot pictures of weedy allotment hell in the next installment.

Don’t say I don’t spoil you.

5 Responses to “Ripped out all the weeds… not”

  1. allotofveg Says:

    You call those weeds? Pah! Beginner.

  2. Mal's Allotment Says:

    You’re right where I’ve been for 15 years, SM.

  3. Taylor Says:

    Wooo! I love some dirty weed action!

  4. Willy Growit Says:

    As a beginner I was naive about weeds!! I was give a bloody great big trailer of well rotted manure for my patch in the autumn (just whats needed thought I) HA the weeds loved the stuff, before I knew it I was ankle deep. Wheres the best weed shows held? I’d be a champion…

  5. dee Says:

    Thought I was on top of the weeds this year hoeing before they seed but they have come back ten fold. I swear I never had this many last year and as for my paths the grass grows a foot as soon as I turn my back 🙁