Well, it is if you live within the M25. Exceptionally dry.

I spent 80 minutes watering my allotment tonight. Barely reached the roots of anything. Like trying to heat St Paul’s cathedral with a cigarette lighter.

I have no further news.

8 Responses to “Dry”

  1. Tilly Says:

    OMG that’s some watering marathon. I spent ages carrying buckets of water from the bath down to the garden. The water butt has run dry and I can’t stand letting any water go to waste. I’ve got to rig up a better system of getting the bathwater into the water butt though! I’ve just got a few veg in pots and bags in the garden but even that takes some watering. The pumpkins are drinking gallons!

  2. Magic Cochin Says:

    I’m just happy to have had a good soft fruit harvest and some lovely asparagus and artichokes – as for the rest of the veg… they haven’t happened this year. I know I could have watered more, but generally I find it waste of time unless the water can be really targeted at the roots. I’ve built little low dry-stone walls around each of the courgettes which are planted in saucer shaped hollows. The walls stop most of the run-off and provide a bit of shade too (spotted this once in Zimbabwe, knew it would come in useful one day!)

    We’ve had a day of decent rain – so might try some late season crops.


  3. Soilman Says:

    Celia hi

    I also plant the drought-sensitive plants in hollows, but the little walls are a brilliant idea. Might try it on next year’s brassicas.

    You must be so relieved to have got some rain. I would run naked down the high street if it would bring a day of rain.

    Actually, is anyone in a position to promise that (Hello? God?)? Because if so, the offer stands.

  4. The Idiot Gardener Says:

    I did think it was going to rain last night, just a for a minute the sky blackened and a few spaltters appeared on the windows.

    Then the sun came out again. Bastard!

  5. Damo Says:

    I can’t believe how little rain we’ve had down here, I’m surprised the hosepipe ban hasn’t started yet.

  6. Tanya Walton Says:

    luckily..though some may not soo ti that way!…we are getting quite a downpour on a daily basis so i have not watered the plot at all this year…well except for the greenhouse!!

  7. vanessa Says:

    joy – i awoke this morning and it had rained! thame seems to have missed most of the rain in the area lately. lots of lugging of water at the allotment as the water butts ran dry weeks ago.
    soilman – a streak down the high street in the rain??!! that would be fun to see!

  8. earthwoman Says:

    And now of course it is too wet! The courgettes seem happy about it though.