Carrots and beetroot

carrots and beetroot rowsI’ve just about caught up with the weeding and got all the crops in… on midsummer’s day.

Hey. Better late than never.

This season isn’t going to be my finest hour. I’m late with everything, the weather’s been SHIT (dry, cold, miserable) and I’ve not had time to plant more than 60% of my plot.

Oh, and now we’re going to have a drought. Fucking great. Wake me up when it’s all over.

6 Responses to “Carrots and beetroot”

  1. Tanya Walton Says:

    they’ve been saying we’re going to have a drought since the beginning of the year but as of yet I still have plenty of rain water in my new water butts!!

    As for the planting…I’m still at it…but I figure that I’m not going to lose out if I keep plonking stuff in…after all if it grows great….if it doesn’t…well it wouldn’t have done in the packets either!!

  2. Julie Says:

    ALL my cherries and pears have fallen, two apple trees have fire blight the wood bugs have eaten my squashes and pumpkins at least four times. Something I can’t see loves my peppers (grown in the greenhouse as it too friggin’ cold outside, my florence fennel is bolting, and after finally getting up above the thrips the peas are succumbing to enation virus (which should only happen in hot weather which we have not had any of.) Top that soilman!

  3. Soilman Says:

    Ok Julie, you got me. Your shit is definitely deeper than mine!

    Thank God I don’t have groundhog hell, Bennie. This is basically an overgrown rat, right? Sort of beaver/wombat cross?!?

  4. Bennie Redmile Says:

    I’ve planted a third of my plot (in Massachusetts) as of yesterday. I’ve spent the entire season to date building fences to keep out groundhogs, now they don’t have anything to break in for.

  5. Rampant_Weasel Says:

    My surprise F1 cabbage have been a roaring success if that makes u feel any better 🙂
    my potatoes are the worst ever tho because of the tops being frosted off.

  6. Magic Cochin Says:

    Carrots and Beetroots eh?! Haven’t got around to sowing those yet!

    The only things that have done well this year are the veg, fruit and self-sown herbs and lettuce… yes, the stuff that needs no help from me to succeed!

    Lovely warm sunny weather… can’t complain!