Celeriac: not quite yet…

celeriac in potsAstonishingly, my potatoes appear to be coming back… thank Heaven. Thanks to everyone who expressed sympathy, and good luck to those who suffered the same fate. Hope yours are recovering too.

My thoughts have now turned to the pot-bound plants that desperately need to get out on the plot – such as this celeriac.

Normally, I’d have planted them out by now. But this year, I simply daren’t – I have a nasty feeling that Winter hasn’t quite finished with us yet, despite the gorgeous 23C sunshine we’re enjoying this weekend.

my 10km run this morningSo I’m going to have a nervous breakdown trying to get everything out next weekend… when I assume it will piss with rain 24/7.

At least today I got a good run in the log book. This route was absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t recommend it highly enough – for a jog, walk, run, whatever.

11 Responses to “Celeriac: not quite yet…”

  1. Rachael Says:

    I would go ahead and plant out the celeriac – I planted mine out a few weeks ago – before the frost – and it is doing fine.

  2. Tanya Walton Says:

    Well you have more patience than me soilman…I got stuff in the plot and now I am suffering with huge gaps in my planting area and I am at a loss of what to do…start again??/Hope for the best???? God I’m pissed off!!!

  3. Ruth Says:

    Good to hear your potatoes are recovering, mine seem to be completely over the shock now too. Lots to do now it’s warmer…

  4. Damo Says:

    Best of luck! I shoved everything in on Friday and will keep an eye on the weather.

  5. Snail's pace Says:

    I wouldn’t worry about your celeriac. I planted mine out a month ago and your pot bound specimens are larger than any I have in my plot. Maybe I can hope the difference is because of the variety. I’ve got ‘Mars’, what do you have going?

  6. Soilman Says:

    These are ‘Monarch’, Snail’s pace. Always work well for me, but I start them very early in pots indoors. I find they don’t make big bulbs if I sow them later

  7. Greenmantle Says:

    I’m growing celeriac for the first time this year, but due to the late aquisition of the plot, I only sowed seeds last week.(Giant Prague) Thier groiwng and stand-over season seems quite long, so I’m hoping they will catch up eventually!….Any general advice for celeriac virgins?

  8. Soilman Says:

    They’re INCREDIBLY slow growing, Greenmantle. Lots of patience required. Also you need to keep the plants constantly damp. Celeriac’s a bog plant that loves sunshine and damp soil… a rather hard combo to achieve! You can’t over-water them. If you’re lucky enough to have clay soil (which I believe you are?!?!), you’ll have less agony keeping them well watered than me, on my drains-in-seconds shingle/sand.

  9. Snail's pace Says:

    Thanks Soilman. Started mine in late February. Somehow, that makes mine even more depressing.

  10. allotment blogger Says:

    Hmmm … we just put out our sweetcorn this weekend – I have to say that I am more than nervous about this: I keep popping to the plot to make sure everything is okay, but sweetcorn is just so temperamental! I didn’t even grown celeriac this year, after having my first sowing fail to germinate, I took it as a sign.

  11. Paul Says:

    It’s all ok, I’ve decided winter has finished, it’s official… 😉

    Seriously though I’ve just gone ahead and planted stuff out now as it was driving me mad (not to mention taking up too much space) playing the will it/won’t it game with Mr Frost… 🙂