Sowing in the sunshine

Rows of parsnip, beetroot and carrot seedsWow. What a gorgeous day yesterday was. It was only 17C, but felt like 25C after the long winter we’ve suffered. The feeling of sun on your face after seven months of cloud and rain is a very special one.

As usual, I had a lengthy list of allotment tasks, and got only a fraction done. This is the toughest time of year for the committed gardener, no question. In April and May (especially May) I’m chasing my arse from dawn to dusk.

It’s a bugger when you’ve got a full-time job, because some tasks simply can’t wait. When you get the luxury of a break in the rain (welcome to the UK), you simply have to do them – whatever the day of the week.

So there are many evenings between now and June when I’ll be at the plot at 8.30pm, cutting an effete figure in office attire.

Ostensibly I’ll be there to plant out peas or leeks or cabbages, but my main concern will be keeping horseshit off my tie.

13 Responses to “Sowing in the sunshine”

  1. Jo Says:

    My favourite time to be at the allotment is the evening, I love it when the clocks go forward so that we can stay later. I don’t really know what it is, perhaps it’s more peaceful at that time.

  2. Magic Cochin Says:

    You could get one of those Tyvek coverall suits that crime scene officers use and stash it in a bin at the allotment for emergency posh clobber protection 🙂

    It was a gorgeous day here too – got loads done in the afternoon – spuds in (containers in greenhouse and outside in the ground), greenhouse tidied, 42 Crimson Flowered Broad Beans planted out. Planning a seed sowing day today, then I’ll be well underway!


  3. Damo Says:

    at the end of every day I always remember something that I really needed to do that day but forgot, that’s life I suppose. I never get that bothered about it though. Never gardened in a shirt and tie though, good work!

  4. Tanya Walton Says:

    Maybe you should remove the tie soilman…though i have to admit you gave me quite a chuckle thinking about the tie in the shit!! Weather has been wonderful for me too and although I did two late nighters I cut it short yesterday and gave myself a break by leaving the plot at 4…hhmmm…maybe I should have stayed top put those peas in!!

  5. ninasgardeningnotebook Says:

    I love to go to the allotment straight after work…it’s always so peaceful then. Although I don’t usually stay quite as late as 8.30pm as there’s always a glass of wine calling long before that!

  6. Matt Houldsworth on the allotment Says:

    Hey nice blog, your right it is a stunning day and yesterday wasn’t bad either!

    I was at the allotment for the first time this year yesterday, and like you I struggle for time, weekends and the odd evening on the way home from work. Still its a great hobby and I love spending any time I can at the allotment even if it is and hour here and half an hour there.


  7. Susan Says:

    Thanks for giving us a chuckle!
    I’ve been working on my garden here in New Jersey,USA and fighting allergies. Our area’s last frost is May 15th. Just curious when yours is.

  8. Soilman Says:

    Susan hi

    Our last frost is the same – about mid May. But I’ve seen frost as late as 2nd June in cold years…

  9. allotofveg Says:

    At least you’re not wearing high heels.
    I have to remember a change of clothes and sneak into the shed and reappear in a wonder woman kind of way – though obviously not dressed as wonder woman – that would be impractical.

  10. Christina Says:

    Some ties could benefit from a generous application of horseshit.

    I’m glad to hear that it is warming up for you.

  11. The Idiot Gardener Says:

    I’m going to struggle to get work done, as my garden is right outside my office door, which is always open in summer. Working at home has never been a problem, but I suspect it may be this year!

  12. Rhonda Says:

    Hmmm, sounds like you need a pair of good old denim Farm Boy bib overalls for quick changes.
    People expect those to be covered with horsesh*t!

  13. Mal Says:

    I’m in the same boat SM. I recall getting a lorryload of manure dropped off one lunchtime – in my work suit. It’s not an oxymoron or an anachronism – a non sequitur perhaps?

    Anyhow I made my first evening visit to the plot last night. (I’d set up my fleece cloche at the weekend anticipating a further visit which never happened.) 30 mins – Two sorts of peas and some coriander.

    Now I hear there’s snow forecast for Edinburgh a week today.