Too scared to plant out the corn

sweetcorn seedlingsOK, now this is getting desperate. I have two trays of corn ready to plant out, but no time to do it. Plus I’m still scared of frost.

Call me paranoid, but I’m convinced it will all go shit-shaped at least once more before ‘summer’ arrives. Once bitten, twice shy.

So the corn will just have to wait, and wait, and wait. Better to get a bit leggy and pot-bound than to perish under a still, clear, starlit, frosty sky.


9 Responses to “Too scared to plant out the corn”

  1. Is Says:

    If I can plant my dahlias up here in Scotland, reckon your sweetcorn would be better in the ground, and that’s from a dyed in the wool pessimist.

  2. Damo Says:

    I stuck mine in over a month ago with plastic bottle cloches. The corn is now well through the top of the bottle, fingers crossed they’ll be no frost. It would have been long dead through lack of watering by now if I hadn’t have planted it out.

  3. Rebsie Fairholm Says:

    I suffered the same affliction – obsessive sweetcorn inertia disorder. But a few days ago, I finally broke free. I planted those spindly little stalks out in the open ground. So far nothing has died, but we’ll see. I have my face pressed against the glass watching for ice crystals.

  4. Freelance Unbound Says:

    In fact, in true quantum style, whatever you do will influence the outcome. Plant out and get frost. Don’t plant and bask in sun. I know which course I’d urge…

  5. Tanya Walton Says:

    I am going to bite the bullet and get mine in the ground this weekend…one lot nearly perished in the frost so I planted some more and now I have twice as much as the frost bitten corn made a comeback…..I’m hoping no more frosts …..good luck with your waiting!!

  6. James Bartlett Says:

    I’m with you on that, I’ve got my 2nd set of corn seedlings out already after the cold weather a couple of weeks ago put paid to my first lot. They seem to be a bit more robust this time around though, can’t see another frost coming now – not in the South West at least! Touch wood!

  7. dee Says:

    Yep totally agree.Mine are still waiting to go out and I think I balls’d up last weekend when I put my tomatoes/squash out.All that sunshine went to my head,they are all sulking now..

  8. Matron Says:

    I feel the same soilman! My surviving sweetcorn are about 8″ tall now in pots and I am scared to plant them out! Well, what else is a rainy bank holiday for?

  9. Mal's Allotment Says:

    Sweetcorn??? I’ve got 80 bean plants out there at the plot and I’m walking the dog back at home thinking, “I know I can see my breath – but it’s really not that cold – really not – really … not … cold …BRRRRR”

    And as for sweetcorn I wouldn’t contemplate it as we don’t have a long enough season in Edinburgh. (The one time I did try it, it got big enough to feed a budgie)