Sod the weeds, feel the vegetables

weedsI did promise you some hot weed action. So, in keeping with this blog’s tradition of ruthless honesty – even (especially?) when it’s all going tits up – here’s a picture of the Dark Side of Soilman’s allotment.

Yes, my friends, I am human (“very fucking human” – Mrs Soilman). There is bindweed on my plot. There is couch. There are nettles, and thistles, and brambles, and Fat Hen, and a thousand others besides.

But you know what? I don’t give the tiniest shit. It’s not a beauty contest. It’s just about one thing: the veg. Provided I get enough to feed us from time to time (regularly would be a bonus), I’m a happy bunny.

Here endeth the lesson.

11 Responses to “Sod the weeds, feel the vegetables”

  1. Simon Says:

    Enough of the “happy bunny” reference. Those monsters ate my cabbages and I haven’t forgiven them yet.
    Your weeds look great though, in a kind of Victorian-botany-textbooky way. Is there something not entirely legal growing at the back on the left?

  2. Phil Says:

    Eat the Fat Hen, that brings your weed ratio down a bit.

  3. Magic Cochin Says:

    Good to hear you’re a ‘happy bunny’ – must be the exercise sending some endorphins to your brain!


    BTW you can eat nettles and fat hen, and the blackberries from the brambles 😉

  4. carrie Says:

    And thank you sir for that lesson! Weeds are plants too and the insects love then – to be too anal about a ‘tidy’ plot = less fun and less bees.

  5. Suzanne Says:

    Thank you. This makes me feel so much better. I had what I guess is an ‘unofficial weed warning’ this weekend when one nosey old git from the committee, popped by to sagely advise me that ‘those weeds won’t help your plants….’ He got a bit of a mouthful at the time about how we, unlike most other allotment holders round our way, aren’t retired, have full time jobs – not to mention 11 animals and a child. I pointed out that it might not be pretty but it turned out veg at a satisfactory rate…at which point he looked a bit shocked, complimented me on my strawberries and beat a hasty retreat.

    It did however shame me into spending 2 meltingly hot hours on Sunday morning, weeding. Marestail doesn’t care though, it just sends 10 more stems up with immediate effect to compensate you for your loss…

  6. Taylor Says:

    Honestly, this doesn’t look so bad to me. Next time you think you should weed, remember this comment and have a beer instead.

  7. Christina Says:

    Bindwind falls into the category I call BITCH. Here, the ivy someone long ago planted along one fence falls into the same category. Puncture vine and various euphorbias are also part of that group.

    I’ve never, ever read you refer to yourself as a “happy bunny.” Life must be good right now. Woot!

  8. Nome Says:

    Fat hen… I hate fat hen. I should just grow a field of fat hen, eat it every day and be done with it.

  9. Tanya Walton Says:

    I think it is good to find that your silo is ferile…and if the weeds are growing then you know the veggies have a chance too!!!!

  10. Mal Says:

    Aren’t those Artechoke plants? Your hair shirt needs tightening SM!

  11. Vegetable garden Says:

    I agree with Tanya. You should probably give it a try and plant something on that part.

    Good luck!