Fed up with winter

I so am. Almost nine weeks after the shortest day, and it’s still dark, dank and freezing.


There was a bit of feeble, watery sunshine yesterday. Not warm, exactly, but a distinct improvement on conditions over the last two months.

Instead of cheering me up, it’s depressed me further; like Tantalus reaching for his grapes (is it just me, or does that phrase sound like it should be in the Viz Profanisaurus?), I thrilled to the prospect of Spring… then remembered it was still Feb 17.

Utterly gutted.

12 Responses to “Fed up with winter”

  1. Jo Says:

    I think it will make a difference once the clocks have gone forward next month and the nights get lighter. Hopefully by then, it will have warmed up a little too.

  2. Rampant_Weasel Says:

    you can still sow some summer cabbage under glass for a bit of interest, i intend to shortly.

  3. Emma Says:

    I was pretty gutted when I saw the SNOW forecast for the next couple of days. I started digging over my allotment last weekend and wanted to get it finished on Saturday. Not looking likely now!

  4. Soilman Says:

    Some folks are getting a proper snow drenching as I type, Emma. Poor bastards. AGAIN.

  5. Tanya Walton Says:

    I think we are all sick of winter..it seems to be stretching out forever this year…I just pray we are going to have an indian summer to compensate…In my neck of the woods we’ve had snowflakes the size of 50 pence pieces today…I WANT SUMMER…though I would settle for even a hint of spring!!!

  6. Tanya Walton Says:

    You have an award on my blog…you don’t have to post about it or anything I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy what you write. xx

  7. Greenmantle Says:

    Aaahh The Profanisaurus!… I have always admired the spiritual teachings of Roger Melly. There’s something we could all learn from it.

  8. Kathy Says:

    Me too! Hope your message works…

  9. Bruce Says:

    I am just leaving Melbourne to head home to the rain and snow and dreariness. It was 32 degrees and sunny today. We had pizza and beers outside in the renovated Docklands for lunch’.
    But we can look forward to the Spring warm-up and longer days on the way. I can sow some grass seed soon. In fact I miss my shed.

  10. Damo Says:

    Yes I know what you mean, -4 tonight in Salisbury. I find watching the Winter Olympics helps as it looks a lot colder there and we’re actually leading in the women’s skeleton! Although what makes people want to do that for a living is beyond me.

  11. The Idiot Gardener Says:

    Get a grip, man! You’re starting to bleat like an elderly lady who has finally discovered that Woolies has closed down after queueing outside its doors for the last six months, wondering what time they’ll open. It’s only a bit of piss-poor weather!

  12. Herbs in the Garden Says:

    I feel your pain. Here in the middle US we are finally going to see temperatures above freezing this week.
    Many folks are even considering venturing outdoors for the occasion!
    Now if the ground would thaw (it really is frozen solid here )spring gardening might be considered.

    At this point seed catalogs are all that keep some of us going.