When Spring turned to Winter

Apologies for radio silence here. As UK readers will know, this is because it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO GO OUTSIDE. Winter has returned, with a vengeance, and I’ve been forced to chain myself to a radiator with a large box of chocolates (yes, at gunpoint… since you ask).

This is bad enough, but I’m living with a cat who takes news of bad weather even more badly than I do – and who blames me for it. When I let him out in the morning to test the temperature of the patio with his paws, he turns a look of such malevolent hatred on me that I fully expect to be turned to stone.

So it’s with special fervour that I’m praying for a bit of sunshine.


6 Responses to “When Spring turned to Winter”

  1. HappyMouffetard Says:

    We find that the cat is quite handy to tell us what the weather is like in the morning before getting up. Muddy prints all over duvet = rain. Fluffed up = cold. No cat = sun.

  2. Tanya Walton Says:

    If the forecast is right then the sun may break through tomorrow…I am desperate to get my greenhouse up so I think I may be the cause of the bad weather….or maybe it was that neighbour washing their car???? When are they going to put my village in a dome like ‘The Eden Project’ so that we can control the weather??? This is my project for when i win the lottery!!!!!

  3. Damo Says:

    Sunday’s looking good. Fingers crossed.

  4. Loubs Says:

    I’m in the South East, like you. Was up at the plot this morning, then it absolutely hammered it down. Sun only came out after I’d got home and had got out of my wet clobber and jumped into the bath. Flippin’ typical. Still, long weekend and looks like it’s going to be sunny sunday onwards…

  5. Jo Says:

    Typical bank holiday weather here. We should have known.

  6. ninasgardeningnotebook Says:

    This post made me laugh so much, we also live with a cat who holds us personally responsible for bad weather…permanent hump all day if there’s just a few spots of rain!…doesn’t like windy weather much either. Glad you at least had some chocolates handy though!