Harvesting in the weeds

mixed allotment produceSo here’s a small selection of vegetables produced on the ‘unacceptably weedy’ Soilman allotment. And there’s a shit load more where they came from.

Weeds there may be, but I’m getting a bumper harvest. In fact, there’s usually a correlation between the amount of weed and the size of my harvest. In a good growing year, you get a lot of weed. Surprise!

I’m over the warning letter now. Have moved from irritation to resignation. If folks insist upon being cunts, there’s not much I can do about it.

huge onionInstead, I’m busy drying my monster onions and preparing for the big potato harvest tomorrow. It’s a month early because we’ve had a major attack of potato blight this year. My maincrop spuds lost the last of their foliage about a fortnight ago – so I’m not expecting a best-ever potato crop.

Still, I’m excited… because a preliminary dig in among the Golden Wonder mounds revealed some monsters. Looks like they’ve done OK, even with blight.

11 Responses to “Harvesting in the weeds”

  1. kelzibear Says:

    Show off! Though I am very jealous. This year is my first on the allotment, and I have learnt A LOT! Hopefully I can boast veggies like yours next year!

  2. TGL Says:

    SM Glad you are over the letter. My pots are poo this year, but I have had a bumper crop of carrots you win some you lose some. Here are my carrots http://www.thegudlife.com/img/2011carrot.jpg have fun digging up your spuds, beer required afterwards me thinks!

  3. Beth Says:

    Very nice!

    The lad and I went to the lottie today after a week and a bit’s absence and removed several bulging bags of bounty- and several buckets of weeds. Like you say, you don’t get one without the other, do you?

    Fab carrots- my later ones were a flop. The early ones were amazing though.

  4. Tanya Walton Says:

    Looking good soilman….glad you got over the letter. I haven’t even looked at my carrots yet…but seeing yours i may give it a go this weekend!!

  5. Ford Says:

    Weeds are just Green Manure that got a bit out of hand! There’s much to be said for weeds!

  6. Mel Weaver Says:

    Lovely crops! This blog is surely a portfolio of evidence that your allotment is productive. My best reason for weeds- they are shade for my carrots- intercropping, if you like.

  7. ronnie Says:

    I am relieved to see your comment about the Golden Wonder.

    I have had a little blight and had been removing badly affected foliage to try to keep crop going as long as possible, but like you earlier in the year, I had been worried that the massive top growth might have been at the expense of the size of the crop Might do a bit of delving some night this week to see if there’s anything worthwhile.

  8. Soilman Says:

    Turns out there’s quite a lot of tubers, Ron, but sadly most aren’t very big. BUT if we’d not had the blight so early, they would clearly have grown much bigger.

  9. Rampant_Weasel Says:

    try enviromesh and sweet candle F1 kevin,i guarantee you wont be disapointed.

  10. Damo Says:

    Great looking harvest! Just caught up with your previous post which is the sad thing to see. I’m not an allotment grower but have witnessed the worst side on a friends plot. Until then I thought they were all about openess and friendship, cups of tea with the neighbours etc, now I don’t feel as envious not having this social side to growing as I used to. As you say sad all round really.

  11. ronnie Says:

    Update on the Golden Wonders. Dug a couple of plants during the week and had our first taste tonight. Worried when peeling them if I had made a big mistake in choosing them for maincrop this year. I have never peeled a harder potato. And felt even worse when they starting “disintegrating” as soon as the water heated up. They were like mush by the time they were boiled. Then they totally redeemed themselves! Drained them and left on the heat to dry out before serving. They were beautiful — smooth and tasted like they had butter mixed in, even though there was no butter near. Phew!